Strawberry Trees


The Strawberry Tree is a highly prized evergreen tree with glossy leaves and clusters of white “heatherbell” flowers in autumn, followed by strawberry-like fruits. Perfect for a small garden.

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Strawberry trees are a great asset to a garden with it lovely glossy evergreen leaves, often finely edged in pink. Soft grey/pink bark and clusters of white heatherbell flowers in late summer followed by strawberry like fruit, edible but not very nice to eat.
A great all-rounder which looks good in winter. Hardy but protection from cold winds is essential. Arbutus prefers sun and well-drained fertile soil. Their maximum height in maturity is about 3 to 4m /10 to 13ft so they are suitable for small gardens and containers. They respond well to pruning and can be shaped into standards. Stake, weed, mulch and feed when young.

Common Name: Strawberry tree
Latin Name: Arbutus unedo
Soil: Fertile, well-drained moist soil
Habit: Deciduous bushy
Position: Full sun, partial shade
Flowering period: late summer/autumn
Colour: White
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height & Spread. 3 to 4m x 2m / 10 to 13ft x 7ft
Special features: Everygreen with a lovely bark, good all year rounder
Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales In the language of flowers a Strawberry is a good luck gift to a woman. Its Planet is Venus and its Power is Love.