Our Trees & Shrubs Are Environmentally Friendly

Trees Direct are happy to help on the phone or by email for those new to gardening or garden enthusiasts requiring trees and shrubs. We stock native trees, ornamental trees, fruit & nut trees, hedging, tree related products and vouchers.

We have much experience in working on Wholesale, Corporate gifts and with Garden Designers, offering personal attention and competitive rates. Our trees and shrubs are environmentally friendly and ideal for a garden, patio, conservatory & open spaces. A tree is a unique, long lasting and memorable gift for someone to cherish, giving pleasure for years to come.

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About Us

Sending Trees & Shrubs As Eco-friendly Gifts

Trees Direct started in 1999 and our website gives visitors the options to buy trees online. The idea for Trees Direct was started around the dining table in 1999. We became very excited and began to think we could create a business and help the environment. A mail order company sending ‘Trees as Gifts’ was the new way forward.

With no knowledge of IT or mail order companies we were very green in the literal sense. Starting out in Christmas 1999 with only our knowledge of horticulture and our love of trees threw us in at the deep end.

Making Buying Trees Online Simple

We did it and years later we are still going strong and expanding. Selling a variety of eco friendly tree products and we are one of the leading UK sellers of trees online, with products such as native trees, ornamental trees, fruit & nut trees, hedging and so much more. Our thoughts, worries and care for the environment still a predominant factor in the running of our business.

We are still a family run company and not a ‘Virtual Site’ like so many mail order companies. Our trees are kept on site and cared for week in, week out through rain and shine. Most of our trees and shrubs are naturally grown outdoors in England and those like Olive trees and Citrus trees are given time to rest and settle in before being sent out.

We offer gifts for all kinds of gardens along with patios and conservatories – gift vouchers are also available and make the perfect tree gift if you are undecided in what to buy. Alternatively, call us on 01584 878 878 to discuss your requirements or just email us at info@treesdirect.co.uk. We are also proud to offer competitive rates for large plantings and designer projects.

Continuing To ‘Grow’ Our Product Range of Trees, Shrubs & Tree Gift Accessories

We still have our very popular Tree Search where we find a special tree not on our website. We believe we are one of the few companies who will devote time and attention in working with our customers to offer this service.

Spraying is kept to the minimum and the trees are grown as environmentally as possible. Lovingly attended to, we check all our stock to make sure they are healthy before being packed and sent out using recycled materials. All our plants are potted, dressed in our hessian sacks, with ribbons, a hand written gift card and planting instructions.
The gifts are sent out overnight delivery to arrive on our customer’s specified date.

Trees Direct – The Perfect Eco Friendly Corporate Gift

On the Corporate side, we continue to work with many companies with excellent feedback. We have sent out as many as a 1000 trees for one company showing that more companies are seeing this as the way forward to help the environment, combat the effects of carbon emissions and being more responsible for the future. We were recently involved with a charity Conservation Foundation sending out a new strain of Elm to schools across the country and are very proud to announce that we will represent them in selling Elms on our site. We continue to work with companies sending out trees as corporate gifts or for promotions. It improves their image, shows they care and most importantly helps our fragile environment and the wildlife reliant on it to survive and grow.

We have shown that one can run a viable business and care for the environment. We will continue working to influence companies, communities and other countries to strive for a better, cleaner world for the future of our children.