Sweetheart Cherry Trees

Prunus Sweetheart


The Sweetheart Cherry Tree is a self fertile dwarf variety and one of the last eating cherries to ripen each year.


Botanical name

Prunus Sweetheart

Ultimate height and spread

2.5 metres x 2.5 metres

When to plant


Soil Type

Rich, Well drained


The sweet fruit are nice and firm, with a refreshing touch of acidity. It ripens over a couple of weeks, not all at once like most cherries, cropping in late August/ September.

Sweetheart is a self fertile dwarf tree, hardy and also suitable for growing in the North & Scotland. With its beautiful blossom it gives great pleasure to those with a small garden or patio.

Rich, well drained aerated fertile soil is essential for good performance. Any pruning should be done early in the growing season and then only to remove dead or diseased growth. They do love mulch and spray seaweed solution monthly for to make them really happy. A delightful named tree it is a favourite gift to someone you love. Beneficial to bees, insects and wildlife.

Self fertile.
Pollination Group D.
Ripens over about 2 weeks, not all at once.
Crops in Late August.


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