Rugosa Alba Roses

Rosa rugosa alba


This distinctive rose is a cross between a rugosa and a garden rose. A graceful abundant dense shrub with abundant veined green leaves and beautiful full flowers. The Alba has large single pure white silky textured flowers with delicate yellow stamens and a strong fragrant scent. Continuous flowering gives great pleasure and is followed by large orange-red hips. A good tough shrub rose which is also good for hedging, growing up to an approx 6ft x 6ft.


Botanical name

Rosa rugosa alba

Approx height when sent

20 – 30 cms

Ultimate height and spread

1.8 metres x 1.8 metres


Rugosa Alba has lovely old fashioned single flowers with a silky texture and a wonderful Old Rose fragrance which bloom continuously through the summer.

An abundance of marvellous large orange- red hips follow quickly on that ripen together with the last of its blooms.

Rugosa Alba is a vigorous, spreading shrub, extremely hardy and disease resistant, growing well in both sun and semi shaded areas. It is best grown in spacious borders, shrubberies or wild areas and makes a marvellous hedge keeping intruders at bay. The flowers are loved by bees and the rose hips are helpful to birds and wildlife.

Rugosa roses are also useful to grow in windy exposed places and coastal areas.

Hedging Variation contains 3 bare rooted plants per metre, available from January.

Family: Rugosa Rose

Fragrance Strength: Strong

Flowering: Repeat Flowering

Colour: White

Height & Spread: 5ft x 5ft


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