Hawthorn Trees

Crataegus monogyna


The Hawthorn Tree has fragrant white blossom in late spring and early summer, covering the tree in a mass of tiny white flowers. Glossy dark green leaves turn red, orange and yellow in autumn amongst which clusters of shiny red berries appear. Fully hardy. Makes an ideal protective hedge and encourages wildlife.


Botanical name

Crataegus monogyna

Ultimate height and spread

8 metres x 6 metres

When to plant



A deciduous spreading tree suitable for most gardens. An easy tree, it prefers sun but is very adaptable, growing in all but very wet soils. It is useful in polluted urban areas, exposed sites and coastal gardens. A hawthorn in bloom is a glorious sight and is loved by bees. The bright red fruit is benefical for all wildlife and is very attractive to behold in autumn together with its lovely red and gold foliage. Height and spread in maturity, 8m x 6m / 25ft x 20ft.
Please ring for bulk price for hedges.

Common Name: Hawthorn
Latin Name: Crataegus monogyna
Soil: Most soils
Habit: Deciduous spreading
Position: Full sun, will take partial shade.
Flowering period: Late spring/early summer
Fruiting: Autumn.
Colour: White flowers, red fruit
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Autumn foliage, flowers and berries give continuous pleasure. Birthday Tree: 13th May – 9th June.

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales

A magic tree, sacred to the fairies, is part of the Fairy Triad, Oak, Ash & Thorn. A very old tree it has much history and symbolism. It protects against lighting and is powerful in protecting a house from ghosts. In Roman times they placed hawthorn in cradles to keep a child safe. Carried in a sachet on a fishing trip hawthorn ensures a good catch.
And another lovely thought, if worn or carried, it promotes happiness in the troubled, depressed or sad.

Hope & Marriage, A good luck gift to a woman, Flower of May
Gender, Masculine – Planet, Mars – Element, Fire – Deities, Cardea, Flora, Hymen
Powers, Fertility, Chastity, Fishing, Magic & Happiness.


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