Exochorda Plant

Exochorda macrantha “the bride”


The Exochorda Shrub is an arching shrub with pendant branches producing a mass of showy white flowers amid delicate green leaves in early summer. It can be kept in a pot or planted out in the garden and likes sun and fertile well drained soil. A lovely wedding present and fully hardy.

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Botanical name

Exochorda macrantha “the bride”

Approx height when sent

1-1.2 metres 10L pot

Ultimate height and spread

1.3 metres x 1 metres

When to plant



A deciduous arching shrub grown for its abundant many petalled beautiful white flowers amid lovely dark green leaves on pendent branches in late spring and early summer. Fully hardy, Exochorda does best in full sun and fertile well-drained soil. To improve vigour and flowering, thin out old shoots after flowering. Propogate by softwood cuttings in summer or seed in autumn. Weed, mulch and feed when young. If keeping in a pot remember the plant will need more watering and feeding than when grown in the ground.
Height and Spread in maturity 1.3m x 1m – 5ft x 4ft

Common Name: Exochorda The Bride
Latin Name: Exochorda macrantha
Soil: Grows best in fertile well-drained soil
Habit: Bushy
Position: Sun or partial shade
Flowering period: Late spring/early summer
Colour: White flowers
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height/Spread: 1.3m x 1m / 5ft x 4ft
Special features: A froth of many petalled white flowers.


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