English Walnut Trees

Juglans regia


The English Walnut Tree, Juglans regia, is a magnificent spreading tree with edible nuts in autumn.


Botanical name

Juglans regia

Ultimate height and spread

25 metres x 10 metres

When to plant



Black Walnuts are a very attractive and sweetly aromatic tree. They can reach 45m/150ft with a spreading habit making it a truly magnificent tree for parklands and very large gardens. It is often a good idea if you have the space, to plant more than one as they will thrive better. Another tip, they do not like to be transplanted so it is best to plant out while still young and small.

A deciduous tree with distinctive ridged bark and aromatic foliage turning butter yellow in autumn. Insignificant female flowers and male catkins are followed by a delicious abundance of nuts in the autumn providing a valuable source of phosphorus.
Walnuts do not need much maintenance.

They prefer a heavy moist soil and in spring, weed, mulch and spray with seaweed solution. In summer young fruit can be picked for pickling and come autumn enjoy the wonderful bounty of nuts the tree provides. Walnuts must only be pruned in autumn as they bleed in spring. They usually require minimal pruning but branches can become massive so remove badly positioned ones early.

The tree is not very valuable for wildlife but provides shelter and beauty on the landscape. and Not that we want any more grey squirrels but Red squirrels used to thrive on the nuts.


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