Cox Orange Pippin Apple Trees

Malus domestica


The Cox Orange Pippin Apple Tree is a self fertile upright, spreading tree covered in beautiful white, cup-shaped flowers from mid to late spring with delicious juicy eating apples for harvesting in early to mid-October.


Botanical name

Malus domestica

Ultimate height and spread

4 metres x 3 metres

When to plant



Full Sun

Growth rate


Soil Type

Fertile, Well drained


A vigorous variety producing one of the best eating apples in Britain. Pippins do not like very cold areas and prefer a sheltered spot with sun and fertile well-drained soil. A pretty tree with red and yellow flushed coloured fruit. Pruning can take place in November/ December when the leaves have fallen. Apple trees are a wonderful source of food and shelter to Bees, Birds and other wild life.

Position: full sun
Soil: fertile, well-drained soil
Rate of growth: average to fast-growing
Ultimate size: 4m x 3m (13ft x 10ft)
Flowering period: White Blossom April and May
Other features: juicy, eating apples early to mid-October
Hardiness: frost hardy (may need winter protection, particularly in colder parts of the country)
Garden care: Keep the base of the tree weed free, fertilise at the beginning of each year and water regularly during hot, dry spells. Remove damaged or crossing branches during the dormant season.
Prune in November/ December after the leaves have fallen.

Symbolism Apple, domestica
The apple has very similar associations with the quince. From Adam and Eve to the present day the apple has long been a symbol of love and romance, together with peace and happiness. In some legends, apples were the food of the gods and in the Celtic tradition apples were said to grow in Paradise.


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