Beech Tree

Fagus sylvatica

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The Beech Tree is a large, vigorous deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown. Leaves are oval with wavy edges, yellow-green in spring, bright green in summer and turning bronze in autumn and winter. Flowers  are small, and fruits ripen in autumn to give edible nuts.

Bare root option now available until march.


Botanical name

Fagus sylvatica

When to plant


Ultimate height and spread

40 metres


Beech makes a wonderful hedge with the leaves often remaining through the winter.

Prune in Spring and Autumn to keep the shape and height you need.

Beech is a long lived native deciduous tree. Its bark is smooth and grey and its russet torpedo shaped  leaf buds form on short stalks. The young leaves are lime green, darkening with age. Male catkins hang on long stalks with the female flowers paired in a cup on the same tree in April and May and are wind pollinated.

Found in woodland, Beech grow to a height of 40m with a beautiful domed head. They give protection to other smaller species and are an important habitat for wildlife

Beech prefer a drier, free draining soil such as chalk, limestone and light loams.

Height & Spread in Maturity when grown as a tree 40m x 20m


1 review for Beech Tree

  1. Karen (verified owner)

    Nurtured, lovely and healthy young tree! I recommend highly!

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