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Carpinus betulus  50L 275-300cm Pleached 120×120 TR.180 G:12-14 £250.00

Cup. leylandii  50L 300-325cm Pleached Hd.120 TR.180 £400.00

Elaeagnus x ebbingei  30L 275-300cm Pleached Hd.120×80 TR. 170 G.8-10 £375.00

Ilex Nellie R Stevens  70L 300-350cm Pleached 120×150 TR.210 G:14-16 £575.00

Olea europea Leccino  30L 200-225cm Pleached 100×100 TR.100 G:8-10 £265.00

Photinia x fraseri Red Robin  25L 200-225cm Pleached 100×100 TR.100 G:6-8 £265.00

Photinia x fraseri Red Robin  30L 300-350cm Pleached 120×120 TR.200 G.8-10 £375.00

Photinia x fraseri Red Robin  50L 300cm+ Pleached Hd.120 TR. 180 G:10-12 £400.00

Quercus ilex  30L 300-350cm Pleached 120×120 TR.180 G.10-12 £425.00

Quercus ilex  30L 300cm+ Pleached 120×120 TR. 180 G:14-16 £525.00

Quercus ilex  30L 300cm+ Pleached 120×150 TR. 180 G:14-16 £575.00

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