Valentine's Day Tree Gifts

Living gifts for someone you love.

There are very many wonderful trees and flowers in myths & legends to show someone you love how much they mean to you.

You can ask him or her to marry you, but just as a prelude to this, why not send them a tree for Valentine’s, an enduring gift of love.

Leap Year has existed for over 2000 years with associations of old customs and folklore. According to an old Irish Legend, St Brigid had an agreement with St Patrick that women could propose to men on a Leap Year, so don’t be shy this 2020.

Sacred to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, who was associated with gardens, grace, and beauty. Roses, Myrtle, and Poppies were her favourite plants. The Sacred Apples were either Golden Quince or indeed Apples!

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  • Whiter Shade of Pale - Trees Direct

    A Whiter Shade of Pale Roses


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  • Abelia Shrub

    Abelia Shrubs

    Abelia x grandiflora

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  • Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Bay Tree

    Bay Tree

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Beebomb


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  • Standard Citrus Orange Tree

    Blood Orange Tree

    Citrus aurantium Sanguinelli

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  • Sale! Bonica Rose

    Bonica Roses


    £22.50 £17.50
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  • Sale! Orange Citrus Tree

    Calamondin Orange Trees

    Calamondin mitis

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  • cecile brunner roses

    Cecile Brunner Roses

    Rosa "Cecile Brunner"

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  • Placeholder

    Clemantine Mandarin Citrus Trees

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  • Comte de chambord - Trees Direct

    Comte de Chambord Roses


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  • countessa lavinia maggi - trees direct

    Countessa Lavinia Maggi Camellias

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  • Cox Orange Pippin Apple

    Cox Orange Pippin Apple Trees

    Malus domestica

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  • Camellia Donation - Trees Direct

    Donation Camellias

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  • Dwarf Cherry Plant

    Dwarf Cherry Plant

    Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai

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  • ETR Carlyon - Trees Direct

    ETR Carlyon Camellias

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