Remembrance Trees

We are proud to offer a selection of remembrance trees to help you remember loved ones. Remembrance trees are also known as memory trees or memorial trees. These may be used as memory trees for funerals, for planting at home or in a location they loved. We also provide planters to house your memory tree and plaques to commemorate your loved ones. We take the utmost care in delivering these precious remembrance trees and can help you decide which tree would be best for you over the phone or in person.

We also have a range of tree gifts for other, less sombre occasions, including anniversaries, weddings and birthdays.

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  • accolade cherry tree

    Accolade Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus accolade

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  • Adolophe Audusson - Trees Direct

    Adolphe Audusson Camellias

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  • Prunus dulcis Spring Glow

    Almond Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus dulcis 'Spring Glow'

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  • Sale! Amanogawa

    Amanogawa Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus "amanogawa"

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  • Bamboo Trees

    Bamboo Trees


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  • Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Bay Tree

    Bay Tree

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Standard Citrus Orange Tree

    Blood Orange Tree

    Citrus aurantium Sanguinelli

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  • Blue Atlantic Cedar

    Blue Atlantic Cedar Trees

    Cedrus atlanticus glauca

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  • Blushing Bride Flowering Cherry Tree

    Blushing Bride Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus shogetsu

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  • Box Ball

    Box Ball Plant

    Buxus sempervirens

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  • Flowering Broom

    Broom Plant

    Cystisus scoparius

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  • Bush Holly Trees

    Ilex aquifolium

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  • Sale! Orange Citrus Tree

    Calamondin Orange Trees

    Calamondin mitis

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  • Sale! Cheals Weeping Flowering Cherry

    Cheal’s Weeping Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus kiku-shidare-zakura

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  • Sale! Choisya Plant

    Choisya Plant

    Choisya ternata 'Aztec pearl'

    £22.50 £17.50
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