Hedges For Sale

At Trees Direct we grow and supply a range of hedging plants and hedging trees for sale that are absolutely ideal for numerous uses. From luscious, evergreen barriers, through to areas dedicated to wildlife. We have seen intensive farming during the last few decades, which has seen a good portion of our natural hedgerows destroyed. This leads to food and habitat shortages for animals and insects, by purchasing something from our range you’re helping to restore some of our native habitats.

If you’re looking to create shaped hedges that you can maintain and transform your garden, our Box Hedge Plants and Knot Garden Hedging Plants fit your purpose perfectly. We also provide native Hedgerow Plants which are available by the metre – these particular plants are essential in restoring to encourage wildlife. All of our hedgerow and hedging plants are able to transform the look and feel of your garden, Yew Hedging is now very common in gardens across the nation. Browse our great range today.

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