Why Order From Trees Direct

Buying a tree is easy – there are loads of websites selling them! However, telling the good from the bad companies is a bit trickier, and so we would like to offer some useful advice to help you decide!

  • Trees direct is one of the longest-running business selling trees online, starting in 1999. We are proud of our reputation in offering knowledgeable advice and guidance to our customers and are always available by phone or email to guide and help you choose a tree to give pleasure for year to come.
  • Trees Direct is one of the few national suppliers that are not a virtual site. Family run, we keep many of our trees on site in Shropshire. You would be surprised to know that some companies selling trees have limited knowledge of what they are selling and can offer little guidance.
  • Giving a tree or planting commercially is of importance to you our customer and we at Trees Direct are always prepared to spend extra time to make sure what you are ordering is right for you. However big or small every order is treated with respect and care.
  • Dates of delivery to suit you is essential in this busy age and you can purchase with confidence, knowing we are working to ensure the order arrives on your preferred date.
  • Whether this is your first time ordering with Trees Direct, or a satisfied returning customer we hope that your trees will bring you great pleasure in the future. You may ring and talk to us about trees, without being put on hold! And with no obligation as we care about what we do and each happy customer is of importance to us.
  • And remember that planting trees and shrubs can help save the environment for future generations. This is why we started Trees Direct 21 years ago and it has been our ethos ever since.

For advice or to place your order please contact us on 01584 878 878

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