Top 10 Benefits Of Trees At Home

Trees are one of the most important species on the planet. They are ancient, with one clonal type tree having been estimated at over 80,000 years old, 30,000 years before our ancestors started to use language. We tend to take for granted things as fundamental as trees, so it’s good to remind ourselves occasionally why they are important and consider the benefits our rooted counterparts give us. I’m sure that when you think about these benefits you will want to get some more trees for yourself, or trees for someone you love, so it’s a good job we are tree specialists that can help you with that.

These are just 10 of the many benefits we get from having trees at home:

1)     Oxygen

Stop for a second and take a deep breath, now think about how that breath in is from a trees breath out, whilst they breathe in what we breath out. This relationship was the foundation of modern advanced organisms, as those who used oxygen rapidly evolved into the animals we know and love today. Without trees, we would suffocate, and whilst we are currently above the 8 trees per person we need to all be able to breath (currently there’s about 422 per person), turmoil may be on the horizon if we keep deforesting without replanting. Those furthest away from trees, in deserts and savannah environments would be the first to suffer, as well as those living in overpopulated areas.

2)     Mental Health

Trees have a “restorative and therapeutic effect on the mind”, so by planting more trees in your garden, you are likely to become happier, as well as making anyone who sees them happier. Your neighbours and passers-by will be on cloud 9 when your conifers in bloom, whilst the swaying branches in wintertime remind them that life is built to weather the storms and arise anew.

3)     Wood


If it comes to it, you can cut down your trees to make anything from a fire to a house. You should exercise caution when considering this, however, because it takes moments to cut down a tree, but it could take hundreds to grow one as big. Some far-left political groups consider cutting down trees as bad as murder, whilst others fight back on behalf of the forests, in the bloodthirsty battle of man vs nature.

4)     They Are Living Pieces Of Art


5)     Shade


Lifesavers in summer that stop us from being burned, blind and bothered. A few trees around your garden will give you shade where you need it, allowing barbeques where your skin isn’t on the menu.

6)     Food


Apples, oranges, pears, bananas and more have been cornerstones of many diets, both human and animal for as long as we can remember. Plant your orchard and reap rewards for years to come.

7)     House Value


Raise the value of your home by adding a few trees to your garden. Any chance to maximise your investment is a wise choice, and when you plant a mature tree, your money tree is already blooming.

8)     Growing Trees, Shrinking Bills


Spend less money on your energy bills through the magic of natural insulation. Trees insulate in winter and provide shade in summer, so heating and air conditioning is going to cost you less!

9)     Privacy


Trees are natural privacy screens that keep prying eyes out of your business.

10)  Fun

You cant climb a bush, but a tree provides endless hours of fun for kids and adults alike. The kids of today need to get back in touch with nature, so having a tree to climb at home can teach them a lot about having fun the good old fashioned way, in the great outdoors! You could even make your treehouse, as a kids den or a holiday rental.