Outside Christmas Tree


With Christmas just around the corner, it is now that time of year when families start to think about decorating their homes for the festive period. Outdoor Christmas decorations are a great way to create a joyful, festive atmosphere in your local community. However, it can be easy to forget this, with people focusing primarily on decorating the inside of their home. With this in mind, we have put together a guide filled with tips and ideas to help transform your front and back garden this December. Whether you want to pull out all the stops or aim for something more simplistic, the ideas in this guide can be adapted to suit anyone’s needs and requirements.

This guide will include information on

  • When to Start Decorating
  • Garden / Outdoor Christmas Trees
  • Christmas Lights
  • Wreaths
  • Wildlife Feeders
  • Artificial Snow
  • Christmas Tree Gifts


Traditionally, people would leave decorating until as late as possible but in recent times, Christmas lovers see the end of Halloween as a signal of the start of the festive period and begin decorating as early as 1st November. The most common time to put your decorations up is between the last week of November and mid-December, however, there is simply no right or wrong time to decorate for Christmas. Variation occurs from family to family and it depends entirely on how early you like to get in the Christmas spirit.

The other difficult question we face during the Christmas period is when to take our decorations down! It is viewed as bad luck to leave decorations up for too long after Christmas has passed, with people typically taking decorations down in the first week of January. Many people believe that by keeping the period in which decorations are up to around 6 weeks, the period will retain its special feeling.

If you are decorating your outside, it is worth thinking about trees and shrubbery that look great during the festive season and throughout the whole year. We sell a wide range of trees and shrubs that can do exactly that!


Outdoor Christmas trees act as a great statement piece for any area and can be spruced up with flashing lights, tinsel, baubles, and anything else you can get your hands on. Planting one will be a constant festive reminder all year round, leaving you counting down the days until you are able to dress it with lights and baubles once again. Potted Christmas trees are also great outdoors for those who are after something more temporary or you could even just hang decorations from any existing trees and shrubbery if you are on a bit of a budget.


Christmas lights remain one of the most popular types of outdoor Christmas decoration due to the vast variation that comes along with them. You can choose from a simple string of white fairy lights to multi-coloured, flashing lights that cover the entire exterior of your home. Lights are most commonly used to frame windows and doors, light up walkways and paths, and wrap around trees, hedges, and shrubs. Timers are great to pair with any outdoor lighting as they take the pressure off you having to remember to turn lights on and off.


Whether buying or making, wreaths come in a huge number of colours and styles and so, can be tailored to your meet your criteria. More traditionally, wreaths are circular in shape, stick to common Christmas colours like red and green, and use holly and pinecones as materials. However, there are no rules and in more modern years, it has become common for people to mix things up and create more unique-looking wreaths. They act as a great way to greet your guests over the festive period and help make any front door stand out.


Another great, wildlife-friendly idea for your garden to look more Christmassy is to decorate your trees with bird feeders. These can be styled to look like baubles to keep in with the Christmas theme, as well as being a great way to help feed birds during the cold winter months.


The unpredictable weather in the UK makes it unusual for us to ever experience a ‘White Christmas’ but artificial snow is a fantastic way to turn your garden into a winter wonderland. Not only will children love it, but your garden will be the envy of everyone on the street. Fake snow has all the pros of real snow without the slip hazard that comes with icy weather and is a great touch to any tree or shrub to finish off your Christmas-themed garden.


Trees Direct offers a wide range of trees to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas tree or Bush Holly tree for your garden we can help. We can also provide all-year-round tree to dress with any of the outdoor Christmas decorations outlined in this article.

This Christmas, you can also help save the environment by providing your loved ones with an ecologically friendly gift. The Christmas gift trees at Trees Direct have been carefully selected to give joy to any recipient, without the stress for you that comes along with choosing the perfect present. Our Christmas gifts come in hessian sacks, secured with satin ribbons alongside personalised Christmas cards and instructions for planting.

As well as Christmas gifts, we also offer trees for a variety of other special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. For more information or advice, please get in touch.