Birthday Trees

Birthday trees come dressed in our hessian sack tied with green garden string, planting instructions and hand-written message card. The written symbolism comes as a scroll tied with green garden string.
The choice of tree is based on the Celtic Tree Alphabet (Ogham Calendar). The Celtic year has 13 months and each month is associated with a particular tree and its contribution to mankind and the ecosystem, together with its forms of healing and associations for the month they represent. The Silver Birch starts the year and is followed by a tree representing each of the following months:

December 24th – January 20th  – Silver BirchAugust 5th – September 1st – Hazel 
January 21st – February 17th  – RowanSeptember 2nd –September 29th – Apple
February 18th – March 17th – AshAutumn Equinox – Aspen
Spring Equinox – Gorse September 30th – October 27th – Ivy
March 18th – April 14th – Alder October 28th – November 24th – Broom
April 15th – May 12th  – Willow       Hallowe’en – Blackthorn
May 13th – June 9th – Hawthorn  November 25th – December 21st – Elder
June 10th – July 17th – OakWinter Solstice – Yew
Summer Solstice – Heather  December 23rd – Pine
July 18th – August 4th – Holly The Whole year Round – Beech

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