Wisteria Plant



The Wisteria plant is a twining climber with clouds of scented pea-like flowers floating amongst soft oval green leaflets. Choose Alba wisteria plants for white flowers and Prolific wisteria plants for the traditional lilac.
Fast-growing and best against a sunny wall, pergola or fence, wisteria is quite beautiful in all its glory during summer, whilst ornamenting otherwise dull spaces in winter.


Botanical name


Approx height when sent

50 – 75 cms 5L pot

Ultimate height and spread

4 metres x 4 metres

When to plant



Full Sun, Semi-shade


Wisteria plants are twining climbers. There is no climber more beautiful than a wisteria plant when seen draped along a wall with a profusion of long fragrant racemes of white or lilac pea-flowers. Blooming in May with later blooms sometimes occurring. The attractive leaves are pinnate and are a soft clear green providing a delicate frame for the flowers. Grow wisteria plants against a wall, fence pergola or even up old trees provides a glorious sight in early summer.
Plant wisteria in full sun and it will thrive in most soils (for chalky soil, good loam should be added). Vigorous specimens of wisteria plant may require an annual hard prune in late winter to keep them within bounds. A second pruning consists of shortening the leafy shoots in August.

Common Name: Wisteria Alba & Prolific
Latin Name: Wisteria
Soil: Most soils.
Habit: Deciduous, vigorous climber
Position: Full sun, partial shade
Flowering period: Late Spring/Summer
Colour: White or Lilac
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Racemes of fragrant flowers
Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales


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