Viburnum Fragrans Plant

Viburnum fragrans v farreri


The Viburnum Fragrans Shrub is a favourite for the winter garden, a deciduous shrub with cluster of pink buds, opening white and sweetly scented from November and throughout the winter. Hardy and likes sun or semi shade.

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Botanical name

Viburnum fragrans v farreri

Approx height when sent

70 cm

Ultimate height and spread

2 metres x 2 metres

When to plant



Full Sun, Semi-shade


One of the most popular shrubs, giving pleasure throughout the winter with its sweet smelling pink budded flowers appearing in autumn and flowering continuously into early spring. Bronze leaves when young turn dark green in maturity with some autumn colour. Occasionally red fruits. An excellent shrub for all but the coldest areas. It like sun but will tolerate shade and succeeds well near the sea.. Easy to care for it will grow in sun or semi shade in deep fertile not too dry soil. Thin out older shoots after flowering if necessary.. Do not forget to weed, mulch and compost and water if the Viburnum is being kept in a pot or container. Good for birds.
Common Name: Viburnum
Latin Name: Viburnum fragrans v farreri
Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil
Habit: Evergreen
Position: Full sun, partial shade
Flowering period: Late autumn to early spring.
Colour: white flowers
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Evergreen with continuous winter flowering.

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales

Cultivated in Britain since the late 16th century.


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