Snowdrop Trees

Halesia carolina


The Snowdrop Tree is a wonderful small shrub-like tree with clusters of bell-shaped white flowers in late spring. Spreading branches of bright green oval leaves bear 4-winged green fruits in summer. A very unusual and showy tree. Likes a sunny sheltered position and well drained soil.


Botanical name

Halesia carolina

Approx height when sent

1 – 1.2 metres, 1.5 metres

Ultimate height and spread

5 metres x 3 metres

When to plant



Full Sun, Semi-shade

Soil Type

Fertile, Well drained


The Snowdrop tree is as beautiful to look at as its name suggests. A deciduous spreading tree, grown either as a tree or shrub is very beautiful in spring when the bare branches are draped with white bell-shaped flowers. A sight to cheer on a cold grey day. Spreading branches of bright green oval leaves follow and curious 4-winged green fruit appear in autumn.
Halesia’s are fully hardy and thrive best in a sunny or partial sheltered position. They prefer moist but well-drained neutral to acid soil. They are undemanding but give them a spring treat of a weed, mulch and compost feed when young.
Suitable for most gardens and a good tree for a small garden. In maturity they reach a height of approx 5m x 3m / 17ft x 10ft.

Common Name: Snowdrop tree
Latin Name: Halesia carolina
Soil: Fertile, well-drained moist soil, neutral to acid.
Habit: Deciduous shrublike
Position: Full sun, partial shade
Flowering period: Spring
Colour: White
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height & Spread: 5m x 3m / 17ft x 10ft
Special features: Flowers before the leaves


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