Potted Native Tree Packs


Choose 5 or 10 trees from our selection below.

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Approx height when sent

30 – 75cms 2L pots


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Beech ~ The Beech Tree is a large, vigorous deciduous tree with a broad, spreading crown. Leaves are oval with wavy edges, yellow-green in spring, bright green in summer and turning bronze in autumn and winter. Flowers  are small, and fruits ripen in autumn to give edible nuts.

Field Maple ~ Fast growing tree with young leaves tinged red, turning to green, then yellow in autumn.

Hornbeam ~ The Hornbeam Tree produces sharply toothed dark green leaves which turn yellow and orange in autumn. Vivid green catkins appear in spring through summer. In late September clusters of winged nuts appear.

Rowan ~ The Rowan Tree is an elegant tree with delicate green leaves bearing clusters of creamy white flowers in spring and bright red berries in autumn.

Wild Cherry ~ The Wild Cherry Tree is a deciduous, spreading tree with sprays of white flowers in spring and green leaves turning red and yellow in autumn.


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