Orange Trees

Citrus sinensis


The Orange Tree is a wonderfully white scented blossom and evergreen shiny leaves bearing Oranges for you to eat. Grown as a standard this is a rewarding and attractive tree which can be kept out in the summer but needs cover and protection in the cold months.


Botanical name

Citrus sinensis

Approx height when sent

100 – 120cms 7.5L (Discounted due to imperfect shape), 100 – 120cms 7.5L pot, 50 – 75cms 5L pot


Choose from Standard or Half Standard sizes.

They benefit from being outside in summer in a sunny protected area. This will strengthen the plant and help control any lurking pests which may be hanging around. They do tend to flower at odd times of year in Britain but the bright evergreen leaves and fragrant white flowers are intoxicating and lovely to look at. Generally self fertile they bear oranges which hang from the trees looking like baubles at Christmas time. A very rewarding tree.

Citrus are not hardy in cold countries and must be kept in a pot, in a conservatory, greenhouse or on a cool well lit windowsill in the cold months. In severe weather, a heated conservatory or fleece is recommended. Do not keep near a hot radiator.

Citrus requires care and attention to flourish but gives you ample reward for your care. It benefits from John Innes No3 compost and summer and winter citrus feed. Please follow planting and care instruction carefully.
Common Name: Orange
Latin Name: Citrus sinensis
Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil
Habit: Bushy every-green shape
Position: Sunny protected area
Flowering period: Difficult to pin point in Britain
Colour: White flowers
Hardiness: Not hardy, needs some protection.
Eventual Height/Spread: 1m x 70cm / 4ft x 3ft
Special features: fragrant flowers and attractive orange fruit.

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales
Orange trees have always been associated with love & commitment.
Orange blossom a ‘Symbol of Virginity & Innocence’ and ‘Marriage & Fruitfulness’.

Its gender is Masculine, Planet is the Sun, Element is Fire with its Powers of Love, Divination, Luck and Money. Giving you many reasons to send this tree!


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