Morello Cherry Trees

Prunus Morello


The Morello Cherry Tree is self fertile and long lived with dark red fruit for cooking. A very hardy and reliable cropper.


Botanical name

Prunus Morello

Ultimate height and spread

4 metres x 3 metres

When to plant



Morello is the best sour cooking cherry tree for Britain. Smaller that sweet cherries with twiggy branches and a greener foliage they flower very late, avoiding the last of the spring frosts. A reason to recommend them for Scotland and the North and can fruit well on north facing walls in the South. Delicious for jams, pies and for making alcohol.

Cropping in August and smaller than an eating cherry they are ready for cooking when they turn dark red. They freeze remarkable well

Rich fertile well drained aerated soil is essential- dig in plenty of good manure and compost before planting. Plant only in a sunny position for a good performance. Pruning is usually limited to removing dead, diseased or congested growth in early summer. Sour cherries are mostly unbothered by disease or pests. Well loved by birds and their flowers are good for bees and other insects.

Self fertile.
Pollination F
Resistant to canker.
Avoid late spring frosts.
Need mulch and a monthly seaweed solution.
Freeze well.
Crop in August.


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