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Wonderfully voluptuous large green apples used for cooking . Their white flesh has a sharp juicy flavour and are used for all types of baking and cooking with perfect results, a mouth wateringly tangy apple flavour and perfect texture.
They have a beautiful blossom and the fruit is ready to be picked in early October and can be stored very well often lasting into the following spring. A very vigorous tree with heavy cropping it is best grown as a freestanding tree.
Fully hardy liking sun and fertile well drained soil. Prune in November/December after leaves have fallen.
Apples trees are a wonderful source of food and shelter for birds, bees and other wildlife.
It makes a heavenly apple juice mixed with sweeter apple varieties and can also be used in cider. The raw fruit contains over twice the Vitamin C than most other apples.

Egremont Russet

Russet apples are a lovely brown shape. A small to medium-sized deciduous tree with showy flowers in spring often with good autumn foliage. The tree is very hardy with a vigorous growth and can be grown in colder, higher rainfall and even windy areas of Britain.
It produces good regular crops of apples flushed brownish-red and russet covered. Creamy yellow flesh, sweet and firm with a distinctive nutty flavor from October to December. Although self fertile it will produce more fruit if it has a chance to cross-pollinate.
They keep well over the winter in a cool dry place.
Egremont Russet holds an RHS award of Garden Merit.

James Grieve

This is a savoury, juicy apple with strong acidity at first, which then mellows as the fruit matures during September, but the flesh softens soon thereafter. When picked early, it makes a sweet and delicate stewed apple, but then can be used as a dessert apple. James Grieve is considered a good apple because it is exceptionally tasty, it produces fruit every year, it is disease-resistant, and it is a good pollenizer for other apples.


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