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View our range of 3 year and 4-year-old mature apple trees that are perfect for starting to grow your own delicious apples.

View the types and ages of our mature apple trees below.

Please note at this time of year all our mature apples come bare rooted.


Botanical name


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Annie Elizabeth

A late-season, heavy-cropping, culinary apple with a sweet, light flavour and white flesh which keeps its shape when cooked. The blossom is deep pink and the fruit yellow, flushed with orange-red, with short, red stripes.

Ashmeads Kernel

A hardy and versatile, producing mid season eating apples that juice well and are also good for both cider and cooking.

Blenheim Orange

Yellow-gold with orange flush and red stripes. Nutty taste, crumbley texture. An old favouritethat cooks, eats and keeps.

Bramley Seedling

Produces the best cooking apple with a wonderful flavour and giving good results. A vigorous tree with a spreading habit.

Charles Ross

The flowers are pure white, and the large, conical fruit are sweet, juicy, firm and lightly aromatic. The skin colour is greenish-yellow flushed and striped with red, with some russetting. Season of use September to December.

Cox Pomona

Seedling of Ribston Pippin. Heavy cropper. Sometimes small fruit. Upright vigorous spreading tree. Fruit soft, rather coarse textured, juicy, sub-acid with fine flavour. Flesh white and a little creamy.


Bright red flush. Crisp and juicy with a hint of strawberry. Excellent early apple with good disease resistance.

Egremont Russet

The Egremont Russet Apple Tree is a very hardy self-fertile tree producing eating apple fruit with a delicious nutty flavour.

Ellisons Orange

Produces good, regular crops of apples; skin yellowish-green flushed red. Rich, aniseed flavour.

George Cave

An early dessert apple with a strong, sweet and sour flavour, for picking and eating straight off the tree in late summer. The skin is greenish-yellow, flushed and striped with red, though it does not always colour well.


It is a very precocious cultivar with heavy, regular crops of pale green, turning pale yellow, skinned apples with a crisp flesh that becomes sweeter. Suitable for container cultivation. The blossom has some frost resistance and fruit needs thinning to become a good size. It has a short season of use from late September to October.

Herefordshire Russet

A Cox-like flavour. Fruits are deep golden amber russetted. Exceptional eating quality with a rich, aromatic flavour and a winner in ‘taste testings’ around the country. The tree is well spurred, well shaped and moderately vigorous. The fruit set is heavy with small to medium sized fruit.

James Grieve

A beautiful tree with lovely white blossom and red flushed stripes over pale green apples. A delicious flavour with a good crisp juicy taste. A self fertile apple and a good cropper in September. Apple trees are an asset to our gardens and orchards giving beauty and help our wildlife and birds and bees.


a very large dual purpose apple. It is a particularly good apple for baking as it retains its colour well, but when eaten fresh has a good acid, aromatic flavour. The skin of the fruit is flushed and stripped red on a pale green background and the flesh is golden cream coloured.

Lord Lambourne

It is particularly suitable for northerly, colder, higher rainfall areas. Good, regular crops of apples have a greenish yellow skin, flushed red and a sweet, juicy, attractive flavour. Skin can become greasy when stored. Season of use is from late September to November

Red Devil

Bright red apples that seem to gain their colour very early. Medium to large evenly sized flat round apples. When sliced through the flesh is often reddened to varying degrees. A nice fruity, strawberry flavour. Good disease resistance.

Red Windsor

Self-fertile which produces heavy crops of delicious red fruit. A good balance of sweet and sharp flavour, slightly sharper than Cox. An ideal garden variety that has an easy, compact growth, is frost hardy and has good disease resistance.

Rev W Wilks

A compact variety which is especially recommended for small gardens. A disease resistance is good and it produces very large juicy and tangy fruits. Picking time September.


An excellent early dessert apple with a fragrant honeyed flavour. Scrumptious is a self fertile apple. With very good disease and frost resistance this make an ideal apple tree for any garden.

Winter Gem

Green attractive fruits are flushed with pinkish-red. A strong grower and needs good pollination as it can be a shy cropper in some years.



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