Madame Alfred Carriere Roses


The Mme Alfred Carriere Rose is a vigorous large climber or shrub with soft green leaves and very beautiful fragrant double bush tinted creamy flowers which bloom most of the summer and into autumn. It gives great pleasure as a cut flower. Plant near a window and let the glorious scent of its flowers drift into your home.

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A Noisette rose with smooth almost thornless stems, glossy foliage and abundant growth. One of the loveliest roses around with its continuous flowering of abundant fragrant pink tinted creamy coloured roses. Flowers are followed by showy red or purple fruits.
Very vigoruous and hardy in all but the most severe weather (Big freeze).
Cultivation Grow in full sun with fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil. For best flowering apply a balanced fertiliser and mulch in late winter or early spring and a balanced fertiliser again in early summer. Tolerant of poor soil and shade. Suitable for climbing into small-medium trees.

Mme Alfred Carriere prefers a sheltered west, east or south facing aspect but can thrive on a north wall. It can be grown in most soils, clay, loam, sand and chalk and is therefore an easy and rewarding rose to have in ones garden giving great pleasure to humans and the birds and bees.
A very versatile trouble free rose it will grow on any aspect including a North wall. It tends to get slightly neglected due to its strong and trouble free growth but always gives its best in its glorious scented blooms.
A vigorous, tough and reliable rose which can reach heights of 20ft – 6metres or more, with lovely frothy blooms of white, with hints of pale pink and rich cream. It flowers throughout the summer and into the autumn. The first flush is quite spectacular with its mass of scented blooms. Keep deadheading to encourage repeat flowering.
Height and spread in maturity, 4-8metres x 1.2-2.5metres. Generally this is a healthy tough rose. Propagate by hardwood cuttings in autumn or by budding in summer. Prune in late autumn or early spring.

Common Name: Rose Madame Alfred Carriere
Latin Name: Rosa
Soil: Clay, Loam, Sand, Chalk, pH acid, Alkaline, Neutral
Habit: Shrub or climber
Position: Full sun some shelter
Aspect: South, West or East facing, North wall, some protection
Flowering period: Continuous Summer through autumn
Fruiting: Red or purple rose hips
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Fragrant, repeat flowering, good for cut flowers

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales : Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales:

Gender – Feminine, Planet – Venus, Element – Water,
Power – Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love, Luck & Protection
Deities – Hulda, Cupid, Adonis, Aurora, Aphrodite & others

Roses have long been used in love mixtures and still today we see Roses as a Symbol of love.

History: A beautiful old Noisette climber “Mme Alfred Carriere” was bred in France in 1879 by Joseph Schwartz who was responsible for many famous roses. “Mme Ernest Calvat” and “Roger Lambelin” are two other well known roses.
He named this rose after the wife of Alfred Carriere, who was the chief editor of “Revue Horticole” a famous horticultural publication in France in the 1800’s and a keen amateur rosarian.

It is one of the most popular climbers, going back as far as 1908 and it is still a favourite. Gertrude Jekyll, England’s famous writer and garden designer described this lovely rose as the best white climber of the period. Vita Sackville-West chose “Mme Alfred Carriere” as the first climbing rose to be planted in the rose garden at Sissinghurst in the 1930’s and it still covers the walls of the South Cottage today.

“Mme Alfred Carriere” is in the “Old Rose Hall Of Fame run by the World Federation Of Rose Societies. The Old Rose Hall Of Fame recognizes roses of historical or genealogical importance, and the roses which have enjoyed continued popularity over a great many years.
And also has the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. 1993.


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