King James 1st Mulberry Trees

Morus Nigra


The King James 1st Mulberry Tree is an attractive, rounded tree. Self fertile cultivar originating from a Mulberry in the Chelsea Physic Garden in the 16th century and crops well on relatively young trees.

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Botanical name

Morus Nigra

Approx height when sent

1.5 – 1.75 metres 12L pot

Ultimate height and spread

4 metres x 3 metres

When to plant



Morus nigra is rightly loved for its heart shaped serrated green leaves. The bark is gnarled, giving even younger trees an old and historic appearance. The berries emerge throughout the summer time, ripening to a deep purple luscious juicy fruit in September. In spring cut grass and spray with seaweed solution, come summer collect the fruit as they drop and enjoy the leafy glade of its leaves. Not much pruning is necessary but thin and removing dead or diseased growth in early winter. Very old trees need careful attention to check and protect them

King James has a faster fruiting process then the Black Mulberry but Mulberries are still much appreciated for their beauty even without fruit.

This tree will tolerate most soil conditions, preferring a lighter well drained soil and a warm aspect. They are rarely bothered by frost as they late in coming into flower and leaf. Mulberries have an advantage in that they do not suffer from many pests or diseases. Their roots are quite brittle so care must be taken when planting. (Best in early spring) It is an extremely long lived specimen which will spread almost as wide as it grows tall. It is a great addition to a garden, bringing interest all year round that includes its long historic tale.

The Mulberries are produced with a very rich, intense flavour.  Large and succulent fruit cropping in August can be eaten straight off the tree or used in cooking.

Highly recommended!

Cropping time: August
Pollination: Self fertile


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