James Grieve Apple Trees

Malus domestica "James Grieve"


James Grieve is a beautiful tree with lovely white blossom and red flushed stripes over pale green apples. A delicious flavour with a good crisp juicy taste. A self fertile apple and a good cropper in September. Apple trees are an asset to our gardens and orchards giving beauty and help our wildlife and birds and bees.


Botanical name

Malus domestica "James Grieve"

When to plant



Apple trees flourish in a rich loamy soil and sunshine but are adaptable and can be planted in most soils provided they are given some compost and some feed such as bone meal to start it off. They can be sprayed with a seaweed solution which helps to combat any disease. They will not flourish in water logged soil or in dank frost pockets and it is not advisable to plant on the site of an old apple tree. Many people do not prune apple trees but they can be trained pruned in summer and or winter can be helpful with growth and productivity. All in all apple trees are an easy tree to look after and depending on your outlook can be left to grow without a great deal of attention.

Spring: weed, mulch and spray with seaweed solution

Summer: Thin fruit, summer prune (optional) spray with seaweed solution.

Autumn: Use poor fruit first and pick the best for storage.

Winter: Hard prune, add copious compost, remove all mummified fruit.


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