Ingrid Almond Trees

Prunus Ingrid


The Ingrid Almond Tree is a beautiful self fertile tree with pretty pink blossom in spring and hopefully nuts in the summer.

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Botanical name

Prunus Ingrid

Approx height when sent

1.75 metres 10L pot

Ultimate height and spread

6 metres x 6 metres

When to plant



Full Sun

Soil Type

Well drained


A really beautiful tree the Sweet Almond has all the benefits of an ornamental tree and very similar to Peach. Light pink blossom appear before the long elegant green leaves in early spring and in this country can get damaged by frost. Velvety skinned green fruit enclosing an edible almond appear in summer.

Almonds need a warm protected area but often the fruit production is very meagre in the UK. In spring protect blossom from frost, then weed, mulch and if possible spray with seaweed monthly. Almonds thrive best with a well-enriched, aerated, light soil and large amounts of compost and mulches. They should be planted at least 10ft/3m apart but also thrive, fan trained against a wall.

Almonds can also be kept in a pot or planter as they can be pruned hard which can keep the tree at a reasonable size. Come Autumn remove any old fruit and prune fairly hard in Winter and spray with Bordeaux mixture.
Do not plant Almonds near Peaches as they may hybridise and cause the nuts to be bitter.

Common Name: Ingrid Almond
Latin Name: Prunus persicoides ‘Ingrid’
Soil: Any deep, well drained soil.
Position: Full sun
Flowering period/colour: March to April / Pink
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height/ spread: 6m/6m
Special features: A reliable cropper with good leaf curl resistance.

Sentiments and Symbolism; Symbol of a Happy Marriage ~ Purity and fruitfulness.
Tree of Heaven (Persian) Tree of January (Semitic)
Almond Blossom ~ Hope and Watchfulness ~ Flower of the Annunciation

Gender ~ Masculine Planet ~ Mercury Element ~ Air Deities ~ Attis, Mercury, Thoth, Hermes.
Powers ~ Money, Prosperity, Wisdom.

Magical Uses: Almonds, as well as the leaves and wood of the tree are used in prosperity and money spells. Eating almonds will cure or combat fevers as well as give the partaker wisdom.
Five almonds eaten before drinking is meant to prevent intoxication!
Magical wands are made of almond wood, for it is the planet of Air, which is the
elemental ruler of the magic wand in some traditions.


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