Indian Bean Trees

Catalpa bignoniodes aurea


The Indian Bean Tree is a beautiful late summer flowering tree with large velvety soft green  leaves or yellow (aurea) and bell shaped white flowers with purple and yellow markings. Long, pendant, pods appear in autumn. Good resistance to Urban pollution. A hardy medium sized specimen tree liking full sun and fertile soil.


Botanical name

Catalpa bignoniodes aurea

Approx height when sent

1.5 metres 15L pot

Ultimate height and spread

10 metres x 10 metres

When to plant



Full Sun


A specimen tree grown for its beautiful foliage of large velvety soft yellow leaves turning almost green in the late summer flowering of bell shaped white flowers with frilly lobes with purple and yellow markings. Pendent pods often persisting after leaves have fallen.
Genus of deciduous summer flowering trees with a good resistant to urban pollution.

A low wide spreading habit and fully hardy, needing full sun and thrives in hot summers. Prefers deep fertile well drained, moisture retentive soil. Plant with some protection form wind to protect the leaves.A medium sized tree of approx 10m / 30ft. As always, trees will benefit from a spring weed and mulch followed by a good dollop of compost or manure.

Common Name: Indian Bean tree
Latin Name: Catalpa bignoniodes Aurea
Soil: Moist fertile well-drained moisture retentive
Habit: Low wide spreading
Position: Sun, some wind protection
Flowering period: Late summer
Colour: White, purple/yellow markings
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height x Spread: 10m x 10m / 30ft x 30ft
Special features: Beautiful leaves and tree shape


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