Holly & Ivy Plant

Hedra helix (Ivy), Ilex aquilfolium (Holly)


A Symbolic Christmas gift. Glossy green Holly and variegated Ivy, a favourite every year representing the male and female principles of life in ancient times.

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Botanical name

Hedra helix (Ivy), Ilex aquilfolium (Holly)

Approx height when sent

50 cms


Wonderful red Holly berries are beloved by humans and wildlife alike. Bringing Christmas cheer in the dark days of winter and helping birds and little animals when they are hungry and cold. Ivy gives colour all year and provides nectar and homes to many little creatures. Our standard Holly provides elegance and stature at your front door.The Symbolism of the Holly & Ivy is included with your gift.

When they are both full grown
Of all the trees that are in the wood
The Holly bears the Crown.

Our Holly and Ivy are ethically grown up here in Shropshire and will give pleasure throughout the seasons.The Holly was Christmas tree in ancient times and steeped in symbolism in both Pagan and Christmas legend. Holly is a source of food and a protective home for our wildlife. Ivy, a plant of the White Goddess is an attractive addition to our gardens and is the last source of nectar and pollen for Bees and provides all year round homes for wildlife.



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