Hazel Tree

Corylus avellana

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The Hazel Tree, also known as a Cobnut is one of the first trees to come into flower, in late January. Both male & female flowers are produced on the same tree appearing long before the leaves, adding a splash of colour on the winter landscape.


Botanical name

Corylus avellana

Ultimate height and spread

4 metre x 3 metre

When to plant



The beautiful lime green leaves open in early spring, growing singly on the branches and are of a pointed oval, slightly heart-shaped asymmetrical shape. Hazel can be pruned and cut back to encourage growth or shape. The leaves turn a greenish brown and pink in autumn staying on the tree longer than most species. The hazelnuts ripen by September and can be eaten straight from the tree or used for eating or baking. They provide food for birds and many small animals such as our endangered Dormice. Nuthatches are often seen taking the nuts into small crevices, wedging them in and proceeding to hammer away with their beaks until they crack the nuts.

The Hazel has been around since Neolithic times and has been a source of food to man and wildlife. A happy and sympathetic tree it has always had close associations with man and his livestock and is a good tree to plant in these times when wildlife is in trouble. Fully hardy, it prefers sun or semi-shade and fertile well-drained soil.
Makes a good hedge and beneficial to wildlife. For hedging please ring for bulk price.

Common Name: Hazel/Cobnut
Latin Name: Corylus avellana
Soil: Most soils
Habit: Deciduous spreading
Position: Full sun, will take partial shade.
Flowering period: Spring
Fruiting: Autumn.
Colour: Yellow catkins,
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Self fertile, early flowering catkins, delicious nuts & beneficial to wildlife
Birthday Tree: 5th August – 1st September

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales

Celtic Tree of Wisdom, Communication, Reconiliation & Peace, Emblem of St Philbert.

Gender, Masculine – Planet, Sun – Element, Air – Deities, Mercury, Thor, Artemis/Diana
Powers, Luck, Fertility, Protection, Wishes.

Hazel wood can be used to make Magical Wands!

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  1. Lynn speake

    Woading is wonderfull and vary help full nowing you now a lot abut the hazelnut tree my sister was named after the hazel tree and her mo. Was expecting a gril she loved hazenuts

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