Dwarf Cherry Plant

Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai


The Dwarf Cherry Shrub is a most charming miniature tree perfect for a small garden or a pot.
Delicate blush pink blossom appears in early spring with leaves turning a pretty autumn colour. Fully hardy, likes sun or partial shade.

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Botanical name

Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai

Approx height when sent

20 – 30cms 3L pot

Ultimate height and spread

1.2 metres x 1.2 metres

When to plant



The Prunus incisa kojo-no-mai is a very pretty and useful addition for a small garden or patio. The delicate blush pink flowers come out in early spring before small sharp toothed green leaves which turn orange-red in autumn. The twisted branches give an attractive outline in the winter months. It also looks good in a shrubbery in larger gardens. Like all cherries they prefer sun but will tolerate partial shade. Fully hardy, they are easy to grow in most soils except waterlogged soil. Occasional pruning to remove dead wood otherwise the tree can be left quite happily. Weed, mulch and compost when young gives it a good start in life. (When keeping in pots, don’t forget to water and feed more often)

Common Name: Dwarf cherry
Latin name Prunus incisa, kojo-no-mai
Soil: Tolerates most soil types – Loam, Sand, Clay, Chalk, Acid, Neutral, Alkaline
Habit: Bushy
Position: Full sun/partial shade
Flowering period Early spring
Colour: Pale pink
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Eventual Height/Spread: 1.2 x 1m / 4ft x 3ft
Special features: Early flowering, Ideal for small gardens and pots.

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales
The Cherry tree has long been used to attract love. A feminine tree its planet is Venus and its Power is Love.


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