Dabinett Cider Apple Trees

Malus domestica


The Dabinett Cider Apple Tree is a self fertile heavy cropper with a bittersweet flavour fruit to make a quality cider. A recommended cider apple tree.

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Botanical name

Malus domestica

Approx height when sent

1.2 – 1.5 metres 7.5L pot

Ultimate height and spread

3 metres x 2.5 metres


Medium to large glorious deep purple apples crop in November to produce quality cider apples. A self fertile tree, it is fairly vigorous with an upright spreading form and is a reliable heavy cropper with its harvest in November. Their bittersweet yet mellow flavour make it a mainstay of cider farmers, producing a quality cider without a mix from other apples.

Apple trees like sun and fertile well drained soil and are a source of food and shelter to birds, bees and wildlife.

Soil: fertile,well-drained soil
Rate of Growth: average with vigorous and upright spreading form.
Harvest:: During November.
Use: Cider apples should be pressed for their juice as quickly as possible.
Type: Self fertile and hardy
Prune in November/December when the leaves have fallen,
Nature notes source of food and shelter to birds, bees and wildlife.
Disease resistance: Scab, Brown Rot.
Spur Bearer: suitable for cordons & training on wires.

Prune in November/December when the leaves have fallen.

Symbolism Apple, domestica
The apple has very similar associations with the quince. From Adam and Eve to the present day the apple has long been a symbol of love and romance, together with peace and happiness. In some legends, apples were the food of the gods and in the Celtic tradition apples were said to grow in Paradise.


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