Cornus Kousa Trees

Cornus kousa chinensis


The Cornus Kousa Tree is a lovely specimen tree, suitable for a small garden. A hardy deciduous vase-shaped tree with large white flower bracts in early summer. Dark glossy green oval leaves turn bright red purple in autumn.

In hot summers it will bear pink, strawberry-like fruits. Likes sun or semi-shade and fertile well-drained soil.

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Botanical name

Cornus kousa chinensis

Approx height when sent

1 – 1.5 metres 7L pot

Ultimate height and spread

3 metres x 2 metres

When to plant



Cornus kousa chinesis ia a shapely tree, although small is often used as a specimen tree. It is also in shrub or mixed borders making it a useful tree to have around. Attractive white petal-like bracts in early summer. Deciduous with dark green foliage turns a spectacular red and purple in autumn.

Fully hardy, likes sun but will grow in partial shade if it is a protected and warm situation.) An adaptable tree but prefers fertile well drained soil. Weed and mulch in spring, it will also benefit from some compost. No regular pruning is necessary so it will suit someone who would just like to plant their tree and leave it be!)

Foliage: Deciduous
Habit: Bushy
Aspect: South-facing or North-facing or West-facing or East-facing Exposure Exposed or Sheltered
Moisture: Well-drained, Moist but well-drained
Soil: Sand, Clay, Chalk, Loam
Size: Ultimate height 4-8 metres Ultimate spread 4-8 metres Time to ultimate height 20-50 years
History: Cornus kousa, the Kousa dogwood, native to Korea, much of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Sikkim, Bhutan and the Ryukyu Islands. It is also reportedly naturalized in Hawaii, Connecticut and New York State.


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