Copper Beech Trees

Fagus sylvatica purpurea


The Copper Beech Tree is a large noble tree with deep purple leaves and smooth silver-grey bark bearing pink tinged flowers. It has a very attractive shape when young, and matures into a fine tree. Beech nuts are a useful food for wildlife.
A truly wonderful tree, it should be planted as a specimen tree wherever there is a large space available. Suitable only for a large garden and parks.

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Botanical name

Fagus sylvatica purpurea

Ultimate height and spread

30m x 23m

When to plant



Planted as a specimen tree, Copper Beech are an integral part of our landscape and large parks. Grown for their habit, foliage and autumn colour. Insignificant flower appear in late spring and fruit ripen in autumn to release edible nuts. A fully hardy deciduous tree, Purple beech prefer sun and will grow in most soils. The leaves are oval and wavy-margined, turning a rich copper in autumn.
The nuts are a good source of food for wildlife and a home to birds and small creatures. Fully hardy, likes sun, and most soils. Height in maturity 30m x 23m / 100ft x 75ft. Suitable only for large gardens and parks.

Common Name: Copper Beech
Latin Name: Fagus sylvatica purpurea
Soil: Most soils
Habit: Deciduous spreading
Position: Full sun, will take very partial shade.
Flowering period: Late spring
Colour: Purple leaves and sliver-grey bark
Hardiness: Fully hardy
Special features: Makes a wonderful specimen tree. Birthday Tree: Year round

Symbolism, Folklore & Old Wives Tales

Gender, Feminine –Planet, Saturn – Powers, Wishes.
Symbolism, Oracle and divination, Prosperity and Pleasant Memory.
Magical uses, Take a stick of beech, scratch or carve your wish onto it, bury it. Your wish will come true if it is to be.


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