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Bonomiana Camellias

Camellia Japonica Bonomiana


Bonominia is a evergreen shrub with deep green shiny leaves and showy double flowers, pink spotted with white and pink stripes, that appear from early spring. The flower form is double and is very unusual and very pretty.

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Botanical name

Camellia Japonica Bonomiana

Approx height when sent

0.3 metres 3L pot

Ultimate height and spread

5 metres x 4 metres

When to plant



Camellias are a glorious treat in the garden bringing great pleasure in late winter and spring. Evergreen, they are a lovely addition for any semi-shaded sheltered courtyard or garden.

These shrubs dislike lime, growing best in a neutral to acid well drained soil. Plant in a protected position away from cold and drying winds, preferably with a westerly or northerly aspect. This is to prevent the buds and flowers from being damaged in the early morning frost and or cold spells in spring. Use ericaceous compost  if the soil is not suitable or you are planting in a pot.

Camellias may be planted at any time of year provided that the ground is not too frosty. Use leaf mold around the hole to encourage drainage and if planting against a fence do plant at least 12″ – 30cm away from the wall to ensure rainfall is available. Camellias need to be kept well watered during dry spells, particularly when newly planted and a mulch of peat in early spring is useful in retaining moisture. They can be fed up to three times a year with an iron fertiliser, this helps maintain growth and flowers.

A systemic insecticide in June or July can be used to prevent attack by scale insects.

Camellias vary in height and spread but some camellias can grow up to approx 5m x 4m however they can be kept at a smaller size as they respond well to pruning. Pruning is not necessary but if needed should take place after flowering.. and do dead head camellias after flowering.

Shape: Bush

Flower Colour: Pink &White 

Position: Part Shade & Protection 

Soil & pH: Acid

Flowering : Early spring

H&S in maturity 5m x 4m


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