Blue Atlantic Cedar Trees

Cedrus atlanticus glauca


The Blue Atlantic Cedar Tree is an elegant, evergreen conifer with arching branches with layers of bright blue-grey needles. Adding an unusual architectural flare suitable for large gardens.

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Botanical name

Cedrus atlanticus glauca

Approx height when sent

1.2 – 1.5 metres

When to plant



Full Sun

Soil Type

Well drained


This is an attractive, spreading conifer which is ideal for adding a more unusual architectural flare to the garden.

A most beautiful tree and revered throughout the world for its unusual colour and architectural shape. It reaches a height of about 100ft/30m makes a stunning specimen and a presence in any large garden. It has arching branches with layers of dark blue-grey needles and large, grayish-pink cones.

Fully hardy, it prefers sun and can be grown in any reasonable well-drained garden soil except for clay or wet soil.