Bird Cherry Trees

Prunus padus


The Bird Cherry Tree is a delicate deciduous spreading tree with racemes of fragrant white star-shaped flowers from late spring, followed by small black cherries which are irresistible to birds. A rewarding tree, fast and easy to grow. Suitable for medium and large gardens.

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Botanical name

Prunus padus

Ultimate height and spread

7-12 metres x 3-4 metres

When to plant



Full Sun


Bird Cherries are a suitable tree for all but small gardens. A froth of fragrant white blossom loved by bees in late spring with black cherries adored by birds in summer. Dark green leaves turn a lovely yellow in autumn. A fairly shallow rooted tree, disliking deep cultivation around them. Avoid soils that are very dry or prone to waterlogging. Weed and mulch, preferably with organic matter.

To prevent silver leaf curl it should be pruned to clear any diseased or dead wood before mid-summer. Otherwise if necessary prune after leaves have fallen in winter. A rewarding tree and easy to grow. Suitable for medium and large gardens.
Fully hardy, likes sun and can be grown in most soils.

Nature notes. Blossom is beneficial to bees and fruit is loved by birds and other wildlife.


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