Eco Friendly Trees

Why we should plant trees…

As urban areas expand and our natural environment is gradually lost, planting trees becomes increasingly important. As well as being intrinsically valuable to nature, trees improve the appearance of our landscapes and can provide us with sustainable resources.


Encouraging trees and plants benefits nature…

  • Biodiversity can improve ecosystems by restoring natural balance and providing food and habitat for wildlife.
  • By creating oxygen and storing carbon, trees help counter climate change and offer some compensation for the environmental damage of our modern lifestyles.
  • Trees are good for the land; they can help prevent flooding and soil erosion and regulate water and nutrient cycles.
  • Conserving many species of trees and the other species that flourish from them strengthens planetary diversity in the biosphere.

Green is beautiful…

  • Trees and plants transform landscapes and can contribute to a sense of contentment and calmness.
  • The appearance of gardens of any size and style, both rural and urban, can be improved with appropriate, well positioned trees.
  • Streets look far better accentuated by trees and plants.
  •  Native woodland with a variety of broadleaved trees is more attractive than scientific forestry – which itself is improved when other species are added.
  • Parkland is distinguished by trees strategically placed to enhance the character of the land.
  • Trees help to attract birds, bees and other wildlife to your garden.

Sustainable resources, fruitful harvests and other uses

  • Fruit and nut trees and shrubs can provide many tasty products for eating, cooking with, making preserves and brewing or distilling drinks.
  • They also provide food for birds and insects.
  • Sadly, it is estimated that 60% of England’s Orchards have disappeared since the 1960s, often due to development. Help to reverse this decline by planting your own mini-orchard
  • Fast growing wood can be harvested at sustainable rates and used in carpentry and craftsmanship.
  • Hedgerow offers effective protection against intruders whilst transforming both agricultural land and gardens.
  • Trees can act as pollution buffers, helping to preserve the environments we live in.

Wildlife Habitats

  • Native trees help to promote biodiversity by providing habitats for thousands of species of wildlife.
  • Planting native trees may help to reverse the decline in Britain’s wildlife. For example, house sparrows have declined in Britain by 68 per cent since 1977. Sparrows need access to large numbers of insects to feed their young; but removal of hedgerows and other native plants in towns and cities has deprived these insects of their natural habit.
  • Help to promote biodiversity and provide a habitat for insects and birds by planting native trees.
  • But if you have a small garden don’t worry! Non-native trees, shrubs and patio plants also help to provide a habitat for insects and birds.

Our Commitment to providing sustainable gifts

  • Our trees are packed in cardboard boxes with hessian sacks, biodegradable string and card labels.
  • We take recycling very seriously – 90% of our packaging can be recycled.
  • For environmental reasons and to protect wildlife we try to keep spraying to a minimum… so please don’t be upset if you find the odd brown spot or small caterpillar hole.

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As urban areas expand and our natural environment is gradually lost, planting trees becomes increasingly important. Read more...

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