Fathers Day Tree Gifts

Celebrate the love we have for our Fathers.

Do you forget Fathers Day?

Does he get spoilt and get breakfast in bed! Let us give him a special present this Father’s Day. We think our fathers need a little more show of affection on this day, so please look on our website and choose a gift to show how much you love him.

Don’t forget… Fathers Day is on June 21st

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  • Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Standard Citrus Orange Tree

    Blood Orange Tree

    Citrus aurantium Sanguinelli

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  • Black Walnut

    English Walnut Trees

    Juglans regia

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  • Kaffir Lime Citrus Tree

    Kaffir Lime Trees

    Citrus hystrix

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  • Standard Lemon Tree

    Lemon Trees

    Citrus limon

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  • Standard Citrus Orange Tree

    Orange Trees

    Citrus sinensis

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  • Plaque


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  • Rootgrow Natural Fertiliser

    Rootgrow Natural Fertiliser

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  • Strawberry Tree

    Arbutus unedo

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  • Trees Direct Voucher

    Gift Vouchers

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  • Potted Native Trees

    Potted Native Tree Packs

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