Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2020

Peace on Earth 

For a lasting ecologically friendly gift!
Trees Direct can take the stress out of Christmas.
Save time, Save the species, Save the World!

Our gifts have been thoughtfully chosen to give pleasure at Christmas and throughout the year.
Sent to arrive on your specified date, dressed in hessian sacks, tied with luxurious satin ribbons,
hand written Christmas cards & planting instructions.

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  • Whiter Shade of Pale - Trees Direct

    A Whiter Shade of Pale Roses


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  • Abelia Shrub

    Abelia Shrubs

    Abelia x grandiflora

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  • Acer pseudoplatanus Brilliantissimum

    Acer Brilliantissimum Trees

    Acer brilliantissimum

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  • Adolophe Audusson - Trees Direct

    Adolphe Audusson Camellias

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  • Amelanchier Ballerina

    Amelanchier x grandiflora Ballerina

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  • Asheamds Apple (Malus domestica "Ashmeads Kernal)

    Ashmeads Kernal Apple Trees

    Malus domestica "Ashmeads Kernal"

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  • Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Bay in Terracotta Pot

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Bay Tree

    Bay Tree

    Laurus nobilis

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  • Beebomb


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  • Bonica Rose

    Bonica Roses


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  • Bramley Apple

    Bramley Apple Trees

    Malus domestica

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  • Bush Holly Trees

    Ilex aquifolium

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  • Cheals Weeping Flowering Cherry

    Cheal’s Weeping Flowering Cherry Trees

    Prunus kiku-shidare-zakura

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  • Children Gardening Kits

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  • Pippin Apple Tree

    Christmas Pippin Apple Trees

    Malus domestica

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  • Copper Beech Native Tree

    Copper Beech Trees

    Fagus sylvatica purpurea

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